How we do it

Brand Transformation Programme

This gives your image and communications a fresh new look and feel, in response to your current position, your customers and competition. It gives you the confidence, clarity and conviction to take your organisation to the next level – with our support. It’s a robust approach to shape your long term strategy, gain a competitive advantage, or grasp an immediate opportunity.

Our 4 Steps to Brand Success

Stage 1: Strategy

We start by making sure we really understand your business, your customers, your prospects and your competitors. Then we help you set out a clear strategy for how to get to where you want to be. We’ll challenge and support you to come up with an ambitious, authentic and achievable expression of your ambitions.

Stage 2: Story

What makes your business different and special? Every organisation has a unique story – we help you uncover it. Then we use it to grab the attention of your prospects. It’s not about making more noise. It’s about convincing people to do business with you, not your competitors.

Stage 3: Style

We look at the most effective combination of design, colours, imagery, language and tone of voice to drive the response you want. Using our understanding of your existing customers and prime prospects, we craft a distinctive style that appeals to their values and motivations.

Stage 4: Stickiness

We make your brand ‘sticky’. Applying it consistently across all your communications – online, offline and face to face – is crucial to success. We encourage your staff and customers to become enthusiastic ambassadors and advocates, who can talk confidently about what makes you different and special.

Our Marketing Action Plan gets your new brand out there.

We work out the best and most cost-effective way to put your story in front of your prospects. We have no vested interest in any particular solution, we recommend what products and channels work best for you. So you get the results you need quickly – and not a penny is wasted. And we help you to make it happen, keeping it fresh and relevant based on results and feedback.

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